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The word organic when referring to wine applies to the farming of the fruit that makes the wine. So an organic wine is a wine made from organic grapes. This means, as with all organic farming, that the use of agricultural chemicals are kept to a minimum.

Isabell Legeron MW explains that organic farming "...restricts or prohibits the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers and, instead, uses plant- and mineral-based products to combat pests and diseases, increase the health of soils, and help build plant immunity an nutrient uptake." (Natural Wine, 2014)

There are often slight differences in the vinification (wine-making) regulations for organic wines, however the regulations are not that far removed from that of conventional wine. If you are looking for low levels of sulphites, less intervention in the winery and a generally pure and more stripped-back style of wine then you are more likely to find this with wines that consider themselves Natural. This term however, is not regulated and is more of a movement. For more information on Natural Wine follow this link.

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